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Your life experiences have brought you where you are today

Are you unhappy? Or, do your relationships suffer and you're unclear why? Perhaps childhood trauma or dysfunction impact your current life? Let's explore them together in a safe, non-judgmental and warm environment.


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I'm Lesley Malik and I'd like to listen to your life story, support you as you resolve old issues and nurture your current situation into being as emotionally healthy as possible. Thank you for considering my counseling services and congratulations on taking this step towards a new you.


What can we do together?

We'll use our time together to help you build strengths and wellness within so that your most important relationships become as rewarding as you know they can be.


Let's work together to form safe, comfortable links between your past and your present self. We can set a goal to make the future bright by nurturing your present self in a healthy, growth-oriented way.


Please take the time to check out this entire site. If you have remaining questions, contact me and we'll put them to rest. I'll be looking forward to chatting with you.